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CH26 - System Evaluation and Assurance

From "Security Engineering" by Ross Anderson

Problem: How do you obtain confidence that a system is secure?

Security testing

  • Look for common vulnerabilities (SQL injection, XSS, etc)
  • Run static analysis tools - linters, detect-secrets, etc
  • Read code and think of edge cases programmer forgot about
  • Look for denial of service and side channel vulnerabilities
  • Taint analysis
  • Bug bounty programs
  • Fuzzing
  • Look for misconfigurations

Formal methods

  • Can be useful in verifying crypto and protocols


  • Can have issues in the implementation, rather than the design, of a system
  • Proofs our proof relies on may be proven false
  • The proof's may not be valid in real life (ie, a certain minimum key length)

Fault Injection

  • Idea: intentionally introduce vulnerabilities into software
  • Then, measure how many of those vulnerabilities our security tester finds, to determine how effective our tester is