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CH11 - Physical Protection

From "Security Engineering" by Ross Anderson

Building a secure system

  1. Create a threat model (list all kinds of attacks you need to defend against)
  2. Design the system
  3. Test the system

Internalize the weakest link principle!

Defense mechanisms within the system

  1. Deter
  2. Detect
  3. Alarm
  4. Delay
  5. Respond

I would add "insure", as well.

Need a systematic way to enumerate attacks

I've looked into threat modeling, but I can't find a systematic method for enumerating all possible attacks against a system

  • Say you're protecting against someone robbing a bank
  • You may assume the robbers will walk in the front door with guns
  • So you add human guards, CCTV cameras, etc
  • But you don't consider that the attacker could take a person's family hostage
  • Or spoof a cash pickup order from another bank

Threat model

  • Instead of asking "Is this system secure?", ask "Is this system secure against person X in environment Y?"

Hierarchy of threat actors for a robbery

  • Addict - unskilled
  • Convicted felon - skilled
  • Gentleman criminal - skilled with insider help
  • Terrorist - highly skilled & lots of resources


Say you want to deter car theft.

  • You can address the root problem, say a person can't get home one day, by investing in public transit
  • Or if people are selling cars for parts, the government can subsidize hidden trackers like Lojack and shut down the shops that buy stolen cars

Defenses against physical attacks

  • Deter - walls, security lighting, open spaces, moats, dogs, guards, razor fences, locks, warning signs, snipers, gates, natural barriers (rivers, mountains, etc)
  • Detect - CCTV, motion sensors, guards

Caveats regarding walls and barriers

  • Most doors can be broken with a battering ram, sledgehammer, etc--no key required!
  • Secure the door and the roof! This is why datacenters, bank vaults, etc have reinforced concrete walls/floors/roofs with steel doorframes
  • A thief working undisturbed all week can penetrate 8 inches of concrete, so detection is a must

How to steal a painting

  • Pull alarm constantly so people don't trust it
  • Grabbing painting after hours and escaping through fire exit
  • Cutting off electricity to disable alarm. (This is why failing closed matters!)
  • Cutting off wire between sensors and alarm or telephone wires to police
  • Substituting alarm with non-functioning alarm