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CH1 - What is security engineering?

From "Security Engineering" by Ross Anderson

Good security engineering has 4 parts

  • policy: our goals
  • mechanisms: tools like tamper proof hardware, access control, etc used to enforce policy
  • assurance: how much faith you can place on each mechanism
  • incentive: the incentive that both defenders and attackers have to attack/defend

Attack surfaces of everyday systems


  1. book-keeping system at each branch
  2. ATMs
  3. website
  4. messaging systems with other banks
  5. physical security of branches

Military base

  1. preventing radar from being jammed
  2. hard-to-detect radio links
  3. organizing secret information
  4. protecting nuclear weapons


  1. enforce policies on what staff can see what patient information
  2. anonymizing patient data for research
  3. display life-critical data in web/mobile/etc apps but prevent it from being changed
  4. protect Internet-connected medical devices


  1. electronic banking
  2. authentication in car keys
  3. authentication in mobile phones to carrier networks
  4. DRM in consumer goods
  5. house locks
  6. electric meters