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K8s Security Best Practices (Container Camp 2018)

Talk on YouTube


  • Guestbook app with Redis cluster, API, web frontend
  • Say attacker found a remote code execution vulnerability in frontend

Attack 1

  • Get Kubernetes token from frontend pod, make calls to Kubernetes cluster’s API, extract secrets
  • A pod is a group of containers. Every pod has a token that can be used to call the Kubernetes API


  • Add RBAC: Run the frontend pod under a user who can’t read secrets, for example
  • Restrict access to API server to specific IP addresses
  • Add network policy to block frontend from connecting with Redis instance

Attack 2

  • Attacker can break out of the container to access the host


  • Run as non-root
  • Read-only filesystem
  • Disallow privilege escalation
  • Can sandbox pods (can use gVisor, kata)
  • Restrict Kubelet permissions