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CH2 - Pods

From Kubernetes in Action

What is a pod?

  • A pod groups multiple containers
  • All containers of a pod run on the same nod

Why do we even need pods?

  • Each container should run exactly 1 process
  • Pods exist so you can pretend multiple processes are running on the same machine
  • In reality, they’re running on the same node (but on different containers)
  • Say RabbitMQ requires 2 processes - create 2 containers in 1 pod

Each pod has its own port space

  • Containers in a pod that bind to the same port will create a port conflict
  • A port conflict can’t happen between containers in different pods, though

The inter-pod network is flat

  • Each pod has an IP address
  • And any pod can access any other pod at the other pod’s IP address

Organizing containers across pods

  • Organize applications into multiple pods
  • Each pod contains only tightly related components
  • For example - 1 main container plus helper containers
  • main = a web server that serves files from a folder
  • helper = periodically downloads files into folder
  • K8s scales pods, not individual containers
  • If you need to scale a container individually, make it a separate pod
  • If in doubt, create a separate pod