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Docker Security (GOTO 2016)

Talk on YouTube


  • Don’t run containers as root
  • Disable capabilities (like SETUID, SETGID) with —-cap-drop
  • Limit Docker containers’ memory usage
  • Use minimal images
  • Use SELinux or AppArmor
  • Verify images with Docker Content Trust
  • Only use official or popular images
  • Immutable containers
  • Audit images with docker diff
  • Scan for vulnerabilities (schlock, twistlock, clair)
  • Set read-only flag to stop Docker container from writing to host's filesystem

Ways to store secrets

  • Environment variables
  • Run Vault (as a Docker container)

Use VMs to separate groups of containers

  • For multi-tenancy - each customer’s containers in a separate VM
  • For different security levels - different VM for credit card processing, for example

An Attacker Looks at Docker (BlackHat 2018)

Talk on YouTube

  • Speaker gets code execution on a Joomla web server
  • He runs an nmap scan to enumerate the backend containers - postgres, node.js, redis
  • Inserts votes into the Postgres DB and Redis instance (they don’t have authentication enabled)