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Code Security and Access Control

Access control basics

Access control matrix

Can edit

      Alice's wall | Bob's wall
Alice| true        | false
Bob  | false       | true

Have access control matrices for can read, can edit, can delete, etc

Permission matrix

      Alice's wall | Bob's wall
Alice| read, write | read
 Bob  | read       | read, write

Complete mediation

  • Fancy way for saying all operations should undergo an access control check that can't be bypassed
  • Also means you shouldn't access control decisions

Reference monitor

  • The reference monitor mediates all access to data
  • Subject cannot access directly; operations must go through the reference monitor
  • Example: All memory accesses are mediated by the memory controller, which enforces limits on what memory each process can access

Reference monitor criteria

  • Unbypassable
  • Tamper resistance
  • Its correctness should be verifiable

Trusted computing base (TCB)

  • The TCB is the subset of a system that must be correct for some security goal to be achieved
  • A reference monitor is part of the trusted computing base for ensuring people can't access resources they're not authorized to access
  • Make the reference monitor as small as possible

Privilege separation in Chrome

  • Problem: drive-by malware can exploit a browser bug to read/write local files
  • Solution: Chrome separates the rendering engine, where most of the bugs are, from the browser kernel, which can read/write to the filesystem
  • The browser kernel is the TCB for ensuring drive by malware cannot read/write local files
  • By isolating the browser kernel from the rendering engine, we've made the TCB as small as possible (in addition to separating privileges)!

Time-to-Use vs Time-To-Check

  • Idea: between the time you can check something and the time you use it, the check decision may get invalidated
  • For example: you check if the user has enough balance, then you let him withdraw money. but between your check and his withdrawal, he might've withdrawn money from somewhere else!