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Fleet management at scale at Google

Google whitepaper

Google has 250k desktops and laptops - Windows, Macs, Linux, ChromeOS


  1. Build image based on OS. Include Puppet in all images.
  2. Push the image to computers


  • macOS - AutoDMG
  • Windows - created glazier
  • Linux - PXE netboot

To install software

  • Mac - created simian
  • Linux - created Rapture
  • Windows - SCCM, moving to rapture

Encrypting devices

OS Updates

  • OS updates nag employees with increasing frequently
  • Worst case, block access to resources until employee updates
  • Finally, can force OS updates remotely after a pop-up notification

Binary whitelisting

  • Santa (macOS)
  • Carbon Black (Windows)

Installing software

Employees can install any software they want as long as:

  • it’s been pre-approved by IT
  • or it passes automated security checks and another person signs off on it

IT proactively runs security checks on and pre-approves software that gets popular across fleet