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Living in the Shadow of the Shadow Brokers (SANS 2018)

Talk by Jake Williams at SANS DFIR Summit 2018

Talk on YouTube


  • The Shadow Brokers stole exploits, most notably ETERNALBLUE, from the Equation Group (NSA) in 2017
  • We don't know who Shadow Brokers are
  • Generally, to attribute a threat actor, examine its Intent, Opportunity, and Capability

How did the Shadow Brokers get the exploits?

We don't know, but some possibilities:

  • An insider leaked them
  • Hack of NSA's networks
  • An employee took files home (like Harold Martin, who took 50 TB home from the NSA), then the files were stolen

EternalBlue (MS017-010) Released

  • A leaked exploit, used in WannaCry and NotPetya
  • An zero day vulnerability in Server Message Block (SMB)

Tool to Stop/Modify Windows Event Logs Released

  • To stop Windows Event logging, the tool finds the thread in lsass that logs events, then suspends it

Windows Event Log edits can be detected, though

  • Attacker may edit a Windows logon event, but forget to edit the corresponding logout event
  • Defenders can also examine other forensics artifacts, instead of event logs

Look at the dump!

  • The Shadow Brokers dump included IOCs of other nation-states, for counter intelligence
  • Attackers are looking at them and copying code from them
  • 1 undergrad student hacked a university network, then used code from the Shadow Brokers to edit event logs

Shadow Brokers broke threat models

  • You may assume governments may never target you, and you may be correct, but due to leaks like this, nation-state capabilities are democratized
  • Your threat model will no longer protect you
  • Question to self: what are some other times threat models can be broken, like they were here?