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  • Can infect air gapped networks using USBs
  • First attacks observed in 2005
  • Used the same few tools to target many organizations across Southeast Asia

Systematic Malware Development

  • Each backdoor has a version number. If less than reference number, then automatically update malware.
  • Malware authors work in shifts and in teams
  • Malware is modular and has been modified over time to create variants.
  • 2 main branches of BACKSPACE backdoor, each with a different set of commands.

Two Stage C2

  • Backdoors are hardcoded with initial set of C2 domains
  • By default, infected endpoints cannot be accessed interactively
  • Only endpoints asked to connect to second stage C2 can connect to second stage C2
  • Infected endpoints who connect to second stage C2 can be accessed interactively
  • This setup helps obfuscate the threat actor's important C2 beacons